Where Craftiness is Happiness

craftiness is happiness
Some people are serious and some people just pretend lol! My mega tape runner and my moms mini tape runner! Having a blast spending the weekend with her and scrapbooking!

Hi! My name is Amanda and for me, craftiness is happiness!! Ive been crafting ever since I can remember. From scrapbooking to sewing and cake decorating, my Mom and I did it all! I remember going to my first scrapbook retreat with her when I was about 11 or 12. Im so thankful that I got the love of crafting early. It took me through learning in 4-H and the creativity bug kept me eager to learn more techniques and crafts. 

quilt in the garden

Today you can find me working on no less than 4 or 5 projects at a time! I love the freedom of creativity that crafting offers! Paper crafting keeps my memories alive while sewing and quilting allow me to make heriloom items that I hope will be cherished for years to come. Throw in a little bit of knitting, embroidery, and Silhouette fun and my crafting heart is happy. Crafting is my therapy and my release. I can have had an incredibly stressful day but when I sit down and work on a project all of that stress just melts away. 

Crafting is What Lead Me Here

I love how the industry is always evolving and makers within the community push the limits. I’m always so in awe to see all of the new creative things people are creating. I hope that I can inspire you to try something new, dust off that old project or simply embrace the creative spirit we all have inside us. I love teaching and you’ll find alot of tutorials here. I’ll also be sharing my favorite products and  companies that I have found along the way! 

If there is something that is challenging you, giving you trouble or you simply just want to know how to get started, please let me know! Crafting is something everyone can do and I want to see you be successful in all of your crafting endeavors! Its never a waste of time if you’re having fun and filling your own cup!  

Im so happy you are here! In additon to this blog I also share my crafting life over on instagram! I hope you’ll join along where craftiness is happiness! 


tools of crafting
kitchen table memory keeping!